we offer many ways to order and buy our delicious treats...

pick up





Walk In … Phone In … Order Ahead ... DoorDash... Delivery (fees and minimums may apply)

Pre-orders will be ready for pick-up at 7:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. on Saturday

We offer delivery for orders over $85, Monday through Friday. For orders over $85, delivery is $20 to all destinations in San Carlos and Redwood Shores. Delivery to all other desinations between Burlingame and Palo Alto is subject to availability.

Please contact us if you require delivery outside these areas, as different rates may apply

We will try our best to fulfill any order requests, large or small, but we kindly ask that large lunch orders be placed by 12:00 p.m. the day prior to your event and orders for any of our baked goods 48 hours in advance to provide you the best quality experience. 

We understand that emergencies may arise, but please let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or adjust your order. We require a credit card to hold all orders.


make it personal

Vanilla Moon can personalize cupcakes with themed decorations, corporate logos, monograms, or photos. Round or square sugar decorations with logos or images are $.25 per cupcake for both regular size and mini cupcakes. 

Please visit our Instagram page for examples of our customer decorations.



let us cater your special event!

breakfast meetings
open houses
corporate lunches
tea parties
baby showers
bridal showers
bachelorette parties

Vanilla Moon can cater your upcoming event. From a small gathering to a large corporate lunch or celebration, we offer piadine and salad platters, quiche, and, of course, all of our desserts, and bakery goods.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Our lunch menu lists pricing for entrée-size salads. Any of our salads can be presented in large bowls and served as a side dish. An entrée-size salad typically serves 3-4 people as a side dish. We also make 10-inch quiche, which serves 8 people. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Mini desserts are perfect finger food for showers and parties. Along with mini cupcakes, we can make mini scones. We request at least one week notice for any special order sizes that we do not make daily. Please call for pricing and to order.
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Please call for assistance with ordering. 


cupcakes on your wedding day!

Enjoy Vanilla Moon's cupcakes on your wedding day! We can customize your cupcakes to make your important day truly special. Choose from any of the flavors on our menu.

Regular Cupcakes $3.50
Mini Cupcakes $1.50
Individual Box Packaging $.50 each

Pricing includes colored frosting, sprinkles, and other basic decorations. Custom decorations may have an additional charge. Please call us to discuss decoration options and pricing. 

We offer tier rental and delivery for an extra fee. We do not offer cupcake tastings, but if there is a flavor that you have your heart set on and you do not see it on our menu, please let us know. We change our menu seasonally and we may be able to make other flavors even if they are not on our current menu. 

decorate your own

decorate your cake and eat it too!

Decorating cupcakes can be as fun as eating them! We will bake the cupcakes, make the frosting, and put it all in a box with sprinkles and pastry bags so you can design and create your own perfect cupcakes. This is a perfect activity for children's birthday parties!


handle with care






All of our cupcakes and pastries are baked fresh but we know, sometimes, not everything can be eaten fresh out of the oven. 

  • To keep your cupcakes looking their best, they should be refrigerated, but since they taste best when served at room temperature, please remove them at least 30 minutes prior to serving.
  • If you don't plan to eat our breakfast pastries, cookies, or tarts the day they are baked, store them in an airtight container to enjoy later.

Q: Do you make any gluten-free items?
A: Our french macarons are the only gluten-free item on our menu. We are not a gluten-free facility, so if you are severly gluten-intolerant or celiac, we do not recommend eating any products prepared in our kitchen. 

Q: Do you make any vegan items?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have any vegan items on our menu. 

Q: Do you make any sugar-free items?
A: Unfortunately, we make many delicious treats, but none of them are sugar-free.  

Q: Do you ship your baked goods?
A: We are currently working towards shipping our packaged granola, but at this time we are not able to ship any of our bakery items.  

Q: Is there a minimum order for cupcake flavors?
A: If the flavor is being made on the day you are ordering, there is no minimum order. 

Q: Are cupcakes cheaper by the dozen?
A: Our cupcakes are all individually priced. Our mini cupcakes are $1.50 and our regular cupcakes are $3.50. We do not offer volume discounts.

Q: Do you make pull-apart cakes?
A: Unfortunately, we do not at this time. 

Q: Do you make full-size cakes?
A: Unfortunately, we do not at this time. 

Q: Can you provide an ingredient list for schools?
A: Yes, we are happy to provide an ingredient list for any of our baked goods.

Q: How many cupcakes should I order per person?
A: We recommend ordering one regular-size cupcake per person. If you like to order extra, just in case someone wants to eat more than one, we haven't seen too many cupcakes go to waste.

We recommend 2-3 mini cupcakes per person. They are bite-size and if you plan to order an assortment of flavors, they're fun and easy to pop in your mouth, so people tend to taste all of the flavors.